"Make your life pain free, by simply changing your shoes to Z-CoiL’s"

Remote Check-up & Shop

Make your shoes by Remote Check-up Service is now available!

Remote Check-up Service
We start the Remote Check-up Service to customize your Z-CoiL shoes for those do not have a Z-CoiL store in area.

The Pain Relief Footwear

Orthopaedic Shoe & Appliance

Make your shoes by Remote Check-up Service

If you cannot find the Z-CoiL Store in your area, now you can order our shoes by online. Still we need your information such as height and weight, feet shape, gait, etc., making a video call, sending us through taking pictures or video clips of you. Base on that information, we customize your Z-CoiL shoes. In some cases, we may need to know further your conditions, we will contact you.

Purchasing & delivery procedures

Remote Check-up > Choose Your shoe style > Make a payment (product & delivery fee) > Adjusting Your Z-CoiL shoes (Based on your checkup results)> International shipping > Pay taxes >Receive your Z-CoiL shoes > RE-Checkup your conditions

Three options to checkup your conditions

Option 1 :
Video Call - The most accurate/recommend method to checkup, and may takes about 10 minutes.

Option 2:
Video clip - If Video Call is not available, you need to make a self-video clip as similar to the sample video below.

Option 3:
Photos - If you are not available to make a video call or take videos, you can take pictures following instructions in the video below and send us these pictures.

[Watch the sample video]

* Note: Please understand that Z-CoiL will decide
whether to sell the shoes or not by your checkup results.

Three options to make a reservation

Option 1 :
Fill the form - Fill in the Reservation Form below (details required for accurate adjustment) - It is recommended.

Option 2 :
Text: Line ID: (or Phone no. +82-10-3285-7501)

Option 3 :
Phone Call: +82-10-3285-7501 (Z-CoiL Team)

How to make a payment

1. PayPal:

2. Money transfer
Bank deposit :
Account Name : Z-CoiL Ltd. Busan
Account No. : 518-85-024566
Bank Name : Standard Chartered Bank Korea Limited
Bank Address : 163 Haeundae Haebyeon Ro, Haeundae Gu, Busan 48091, Korea (Republic of)
Swift Code : SCBLKRSE

Z-CoiL Asia Center

606-7(6F), 410(4F), Ace High Tech. 21 Building, 48 Centum JoongAng-Ro, Haeundae-Gu, Busan, Republic of Korea (South)
Zip Code : 48059
Moblie Phone: +82-10-3285-7501
Line ID:
E-mail :
6932 4th Street NW, Albuquerque, NM87107, USA

* Name :
* Tel/Phone :
(Only numbers without country code)
Email Address :
Zip Code :
* Address :
Reservation Date
(the reservation date can be adjusted):
Month day time
Gender male female Age
Height cm Weight kg
Foot length (Follow the sample video above ) mm
Scoliosis yes no Pelvic asymmetry yes no
Flat foot yes no Knock Knee yes no
Bowed Knee yes no Gait Normal
Gap between your knees cm Leg length difference
(if you have)
(Please write your work environment;
How long you stand,
walk or sit for a day,
whether the floor of your workplace is slippery or not,
how often you may carry heavy stuff, etc.)
History of disease
(details required):
Agreement of private policy

I agree to provide personal information to Z-CoiL Ltd. as follows.

1. Provided information: Name, mobile phone number, email address, address (English), gender, age, shoe size, weight, height, etc.
All information included in the reservation form.
2. Purpose of use: For the sale, delivery, and A/S of products. Only use for customizing Z-Coil products to customer.

If you plan to come South Korea, please visit Z-CoiL registered store. Get a chance for better services such as physical checkup and proper adjustment for your shoes. Plus, you can take your shoes right after the fitting.

Click here, for finding the Z-CoiL registered offline stores in South Korea