1. Who?

* Person over 50 age with foot, leg, knee, pelvis and back pain for more than 6 months
* Person who operated on foot, leg, knee, pelvis and back regardless of age
* Person with 5 years of foot, leg, knee, pelvis and back pain regardless of age
* In one of the above cases, the free trial is possible.

2. How?

persons ( by pain degree / booking order )

3. How long?
April 13 to April 17

Way to experience Z-CoiL footwear as a free trial : Experience the footwear indoors for 30 minutes to 1 hour in our stores.

Notice : Please make sure to make a reservation at +82-10-3285-7501 or Line ID: zcoil.asia and visit for yourself, as you will need to adjust your footwear considering your occupation, disease, weight, posture, gait, Q angle/knee angle, ankle angle, flat foot level, features of foot, and etc..