" Make your life pain free, by simply changing your shoes to Z-CoiL’s"

Z-CoiL Shoes

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  • • How it works
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  • • Shock-Absorber Spring Heel
  • • Customized Insoles
  • • Double Coushioning on forefoot
  • • Rocker bottom sole with a naturally flexline for easy walking
  • • Rocker bottom sole with a round flex line for easy rolling walking
  • • Replaceable Spring Heels
  • • Upper of natural cowhide leather
  • • Breathable sandwich mesh
  • • Good elastic span lining
  • • Tough bottom sole like tires.
  • • Non-slip bottom sole
  • • Adjustable customized footwear

" Make your life pain free, by simply changing your shoes to Z-CoiL’s"

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* Important Note *
Why do American doctors prescribe Z-CoiL footwear for walking, walking rehabilitation, and diet? (2)

None of the muscular people has a high body fat rate. This is because the muscles play a role in removing fat.

There is no other way than to increase the muscle of each part to lower the body fat rate. You can reduce your body fat rate by increasing the amount of muscle in your calf, hips, back (extensor muscles), and abdomen (abdominal muscles). Everyone consumes a lot of calories in a short period of time, increases muscle mass, and try to prevents the feet, knee (joints), and back injuries that is inevitably following in this process.

Walking, fast walking (power walking) is one of the best exercises to reduce body fat by consuming a lot of calories and developing muscles evenly.

Z-CoiL footwear provides all three of the above - high calorie consumption, muscle strengthening, prevents the feet and knee joints, disc injury. In other words, it is same principle with that athletes run in the sand and do power walking to prevent injury and strengthen muscle, at the same time it is a very light walk because Z-CoiL spring heel gives you a 50 percent energy return when you are walking. Therefore, you get more musle and less injuried than before when you wear Z-CoiL shoes.

Compared to other footwear, Z-CoiL shoes have been found to be highier absorbent with 95% of the front and 50% of the heel*. Z-Coil shoes reduce impact on spinal, pelvic, hip, knee and ankle while standing, walking, and running.

Z-CoiL footwear provides a customized adjustment according to the customer's age, occupation, condition, weight, obesity, gait and flat feet, etc.

* Results of U.S. National Sandia Research Institute, Alamos Institute, NMH University Study.

Why do American doctors prescribe Z-CoiL footwear to patients with feet, leg, knee and back pain? (1)

More than 90% of the foot, leg, knee (joint), and back (disc) pain that we know is caused by inflammation. If you have a sore response when you press such area, it menas that you have inflammation in your feet, legs, knees, back muscles, tendons, nerves, etc.
In other words, more than 90 percent of them are cured by removing inflammation.

To eliminate inflammation, if relieving the repeated enormous impact on the feet, leg, knee and back, and continuously massage the affected area to increase blood flow through capillaries, it usually cured, and, when absolutely necessary, treated with chlorine prescription.

Case 1:
If it shows herniated disc (disk deviation) on MRI examination, and if also have a sacral vertebrae numbness, legs numbness, ankle weakness, pedionalgia, more than 80 percent of them are naturally cured by both impact reduction, massage, and proper exercise.

In other words, if it is not a strong physical impact such as a traffic accident, a malignant tumor, or a very unusual disease, it should be refrained from performing surgery on back (disc).

Because the above three things (impact reduction, massage, proper exercise) are all provided by Z-CoiL footwear, many American doctors prescribe Z-CoiL footwear to patients with back disk.

Case 2:
When the meniscus is thin, coarse, or torn, it is often referred to as degenerative arthritis. In this case, the rough surface of the meniscus is trimmed, sutured. And if the damage is more severe, there is a method of transplanting the cartilage plate of another person, or culturing the autologous chondrocytes and injecting them. However, if it is not possible and the behavior is impossible, the artificial joint surgery is considered as a last resort.

Because meniscus can not be regenerated, it is best to prevent meniscal damage more actively if the age is more than 40, or it is best method to protect the damaged sutured cartilage. In other words, original things are the best.

For this purpose, it should be provided with alignment of lower extremity (lower extremity alignment and proper Q-angle maintenance from hip joint to knee, ankle, sole), prevention of knee impact and strengthening of knee muscles. The above three (lower extremity alignment, anti-impact, muscle strengthening) is provided by Z-CoiL footwear, so American doctors prescribe Z-CoiL footwear to patients with degenerative arthritis.

Case 3:
If you have a pain in the center or around the heel, you will get a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is as a infractable disease, there are prescription as like anti-inflammatory, painkiller, massage, customized footwear insole, but it just helps to temporarily relieve pain, and it does not prevent frequent recurrence. Because patient have to stand and work and walking, there is no time to to cure fasciitis.

The best way to help naturally cure while standing and works, walks is to massage their feet sufficiently to increase blood flow so that they can be cured naturally while restricting on that stretching, twisting, and bouncing the foot muscle that has inflammation.

Z-CoiL footwear are designed to limit the increased, twisted, or bouncing of damaged foot muscles through custome-made footwear adjustment, which helps natural heal of plantar fasciitis much faster. In other words, Z-CoiL footwear provides the heel control, foot twisting prevention of orthopedics footwear insole, absorbing the impact of heel, foot massage by dispersion of foot pressure, so American doctors prescrive Z-CoiL footwear to patients with plantar fasciitis.

Impact mitigation of Z-CoiL footwear

Compared to normal footwear, the impact of more than 95% of the front foot parts and more than 45% of the heel is cushioned.
50% energy return of spring heel, pushing 50% from the back when walking.
A very hard orthopedic midsole holds the foot (0-65% point) and distributes the pressure.
Set the spring heel to right on according to weight, disease, gait, occupation

Z-CoiL footwear massage: muscular strengthening

Unlike general footwear, each part is automatically massaged as it is designed to walk through the entire pressure distribution of the feet and muscle strengthening of the ankle, knee and back.
In other words, it is same principle with that athletes run in the sand and do power walking to prevent injury and strengthen muscle, but it is a very light walk with a 50 percent energy return of the spring heel, i.e. pushing 50 percent from the back

Health progress check by customer

The health progress of each customer is checked and the custome-made footwear adjustment is carry again every 1 to 2 weeks according to the progress status.
* Results of U.S. National Sandia Research Institute, Alamos Institute, NMH University Study.