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Footwear specially designed to relieve pain in the feet, leg, knee, and back

Less impact means less pain.
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Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain

Ankles are wonderfully put together joints that make sure the powerful movements from our leg muscles direct our feet to run, jump, walk, climb, hop, squat, and dance our way through life.

There are several bones that come down the leg to the ankle. There’s the biggest bone of the shin, the tibia, and the smaller bone of the shin, the fibula. Each of those two bones ends in a knob that protrudes that we think of as our ankle bones; the medial malleolus (inside), and the lateral malleolus (outside).

Then there’s the ankle itself, which is a hinge joint, but which is actually made up of three joints: the talocrunal joint, the subtalal joint, and the inferior tibiofibular joint. Between and around all these bones are soft tissues?ligaments, muscles, tendons?that convey strength and movement orders from the brain.

Each of our ankles is a hinge joint. A hinge joint performs all its movement on one plane, as opposed to a socket joint, like the hip or shoulder, that has a much greater range of movement. You can raise or lower your toes to a certain point, but not beyond that. You can rock your ankle to the right or left, but again, only to a certain point.

The keys to preventing ankle injuries are pretty common sense once you understand how an ankle is designed and how it moves. If we set aside major accidents like broken or crushed bones, and focus on smaller injuries like strains and sprains and pulls, we can make some good headway. The basic categories of ankle injury are: overuse, misuse, and underuse injuries.

Z-CoiL Footwear Benefit:
Underuse injuries come when we sit for so many hours a day that our joints tighten up and no longer bend and flex like they are supposed to. If your job requires you to be sedentary for hours of your day, make sure you are active when you are off work. Go for a half hour walk, get the mail on foot, take the dog to a park, go for a bike ride, whatever you can do to get those ankles moving. BUT…before you do any of those things, make sure you stretch to loosen up all that soft tissue, and protect your feet with proper shoes.

Overuse and misuse injuries come from using your feet too hard, too much, or without being careful of them. If you have to be on your feet for hours every day, make sure you’re moving and not just standing still. Your ankle joints can stiffen up just as much from standing still as they can from sitting still. Stillness is the issue for joints that are meant to move, so take a break and walk or stretch it out. Shoes with proper support will help align your feet in their best position. And shoes with proper cushioning will help absorb the heavy impact of repeated use.

As you age and your body loses elasticity, don’t be afraid to give your feel more warm-up time and more support and cushioning. The important thing is that you keep your health and keep active? whatever that takes.

Testimonials Prescriptions Why do American doctors recommend Z-CoiL footwear to their patients with feet, leg, knee and back pain?

More than 90% of the foot, leg, knee, and back pain is caused by inflammation. If you have a pain when you press such area, it means that you have inflammation on that area.

To eliminate inflammation, reducing the repeated impact on the feet, leg, knee and back, and continuously massaging on the area will increase blood flow through capillaries, then, the pain is usually gone.

Z-Coil shoes can help with this. Our springs reduce impact on your body up to 50%, and our rigid Z-Orthotic cradles the foot, equalizing pressure distribution. Therefore, your feet can be gently rolling while walking. And It will increase blood flow just like massaging effect that inflammation will be easily gone.

For example, in the case of plantar fasciitis, the best way to help naturally cure while standing and walking on daily basis is to reduce a direct impact on soles and massage their feet sufficiently to increase blood flow. Just wearing Z-CoiLs helps to do that!

Increased Mobility in the Right Shoes
Imagine taking a road trip in a heavy-duty truck with little shock absorption and a no-frills cab. Every bump in the road is transferred into your body. You will arrive at your destination feeling worn out and needing rest. If you take the same trip in a luxury car, you will arrive feeling rested, ready to explore and enjoy your new surroundings. The difference in travel experience is comparable to moving about in regular shoes versus Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®. Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear provides a luxury experience that allows you to travel on foot with ease, and that keeps you moving farther faster.

How Z-CoiL Shoes Increase Mobility
When people have lower body pain, they often limit their activity to minimize painful movements. When staying sedentary isn't an option, walking posture may change and may be reduced to shuffling to minimize the pain felt in the foot, knee, hip and lower back joints. Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear's patented technology and innovative design deliver significant impact reduction, which provides immediate lower body joint pain relief, at the same time it provides energy return with each step that combats fatigue. Z-CoiL customers describe the feeling as gliding vs. walking. Over time, effortless pain-free steps actually lead to an overall increase in mobility for Z-CoiL wearers. Our shoes actually encourage wearers to lengthen the stride of their gait, which means they cover more ground with each step, so they move farther faster.

Why Increased Mobility is Significant
Chronic pain in the foot, leg and back limits mobility and diminishes the quality of life. A smooth, effortless gait is essential to maintaining an active lifestyle. When you can continue to stand, walk and run, you can get the exercise you need to naturally combat painful conditions, like osteoarthritis, and maintain overall health. Shoes that equip you to handle the stresses of standing, walking and running on unforgiving surfaces can prevent impact-induced injuries. Injury limits mobility as well as avoids other costly and invasive pain relief treatments, like cortisone shots, prescription pain blockers and surgery.

The Z-CoiL Solution
Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear is the only shoe that offers both the impact reduction and stability you need for pain relief, injury prevention and whole body support Z-CoiL shoes have the Patented conical spring in the heel, which reduces impact by 40-60% (according to tests performed by the American Department of Energy) and provides energy return, reducing fatigue.

All elements of our shoe design provide Z-CoiL treatmentㅡeffective pain relief from a number of lower body impact-induced conditions.